Complex and Outbound Sales: The Perfect Marriage

Here at Outbound Marketing, we are specialists in complex sales and, as the name implies, in the Outbound process (both Marketing and Sales).

Complex sales, especially B2B, have a long sales cycle, where you can have contact with more than one or two people throughout the negotiation, among other points you can check here .

The Outbound Marketing process, on the other hand, refers to the classic active prospecting that was modernized through a new methodology and technology. We also talk more about him here .

However, why are these two ideas so complementary?

How Complex Sales Got Easier

First, complex selling is often a solution that has results that can vary or depend on employee engagement and training. If you sell a CRM, for example, it seeks to improve your sales through organization and strategic insights.

However, this all depends on input from your sales team. Input that depends on proper guidance and training, so that everyone knows what to insert and when in CRM.

If someone introduces you to the solution and says that you can double your sales in the month through it, you might like the idea a lot, but you’ll weigh all the steps until the result arrives, right?

Added to this are the long sales cycle and the fact that the classic salesperson was responsible for all stages of a complex sale. In other words, he needed to prospect, present the product, qualify and close the deal.

With so many functions, it could be the best at closing contracts and creating urgency, for example, but it would have a smaller pipeline, as it prospected less efficiently than others.

Soon, a few salespeople stood out, as they needed to be multidisciplinary, working at different stages with equal efficiency and effectiveness.

In some large companies, this process began to be seen as flawed and the proposal to specialize teams emerged, dividing them between hunters and closers , the first responsible for prospecting, filling the pipeline. The latter aimed to close as many contracts as possible, emptying the pipeline in order to get new customers.

It was through this division that the Complex Sales and Outbound Marketing process began to form a perfect marriage. In the first place, the salesperson stopped taking on so many functions, specializing and converting better. If he was more effective, he also gained in efficiency and ended up shortening the sales cycle.

Lastly, the impact on the customer could be demonstrated in the right way by applying sales consulting, which is based on the ideal of helping your leads make the best decision and demonstrating how you can help them get there through your solution.

Fordism and Outbound: Complex Sales Become Simple

Many years ago, Fordism created production lines with responsible people focused on only certain stages of the process. This revolution in the way of building cars can be applied to the sales team with several benefits. Some of them are:

Ease of training

It’s much easier to teach a new employee that he only needs to tighten one screw in the same way than it is to train him to assemble an entire car, isn’t it?

Facilitating training is one of the initial benefits of the new sales process via active prospecting, the Outbound.

Is it a Good Time to Get a House?

Reduced sales cycle and increased total conversion

In complex sales, each step of your sales funnel has a longer duration than in simple sales, which allows for the division of tasks within the same team. If generating prospect lists takes 5 hours a week for each salesperson, your team can save that time by specializing someone in generating lists for everyone. If prospecting and qualification in MQL has a cycle of 5 days or even two or three contacts, have someone allocated just for this task.

When we talk about sales to other companies, things are even easier, after all, it’s even harder for a lead to always remember their prospector to the point of creating a strong bond and breaking rapport when passing the baton to the SDR.

It’s quite different from being at a mall and having someone show you your clothes in the window, another to help you choose what you would like to try on in the dressing room, another to help you decide what to bring and, finally, someone to help her pay. The cycle is too short to allow this to happen in a pleasant way, creating a better buying journey than the existing one.

Now, if your team, which works with complex sales, manages to specialize in prospecting, for example, they will know the best ways to prospect and will continue to perform the same task throughout the day. This type of dynamic allows for more testing and optimization, as well as creating professionals who are used to their work and who share a common goal at all times.

In the end, they not only increase total conversion, as they are better than salespeople who have to do all the activities, but they also shorten the sales cycle as they learn to recognize shortcuts .

Processes and indicators are well structured

It’s easier to train someone on something structured. If everyone does it their own way, as is common among classic salespeople, it becomes more difficult to train a new member.

As its process is segmented, the concern of each area is to find the best path and, for that, processes are built through sales scripts. If you need to close contracts, for example, you will have the team’s best practices being shared, after all, the goal is for the whole team as well.

And with a clear process, it becomes easier to monitor results and test new ideas. With everyone performing activities based on a column, you can change small pieces and train an entire team quickly. Afterwards, it collects the results and checks if they are positive, which leads you to keep the changes, or negative, where you can “back up” and go back to what was done before.

Simple, isn’t it?

Complex sales are now simple small sales

The best conclusion for the new complex sales process, combined with Outbound Marketing, is that it was possible to break it down into different stages, which are made simpler by the existence of specialists.

If you have a complex selling product and you haven’t started building your Outbound Marketing team and process yet, you’re wasting time (and money, a lot of money). Now, if you are already running a new process, but you are still having difficulties, contact our team and schedule a diagnosis to indicate how to avoid the path of stones .

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