How to get more clients for your digital marketing agency: 5 essential practices

We all know that selling a product or service is a fundamental task for the survival of any business, don’t we?

And this is also true for digital marketing agencies. Thus, it is necessary to use some techniques to always add new customers.

After all, no company can live only on referrals and maintenance of old customers, right?

But the question that hangs over people’s heads is: What should I do to get new clients for my digital marketing agency?

Well, that’s what we’ll talk about now. So if you want to stay on top of the subject, follow this article carefully.

What is client acquisition for my digital marketing agency?

The customer acquisition is a set of strategies, adopted by the team of park view city and used to please or attract people, causing them to establish a good relationship with your business.

Therefore, it is carried out based on an active search for people who fit the profile of potential customers for your company.

Thus, the proposal is to create as many opportunities as possible for customers to contact your company and learn about the solutions it offers.

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How to get more clients for the digital marketing agency?

There are many ways to promote your company and attract new customers. Throughout this article we will talk about some of them, such as:

1. Local positioning

Strategies aimed at local positioning encompass two main issues: The use of SEO techniques and the Google My Business tool.

The first allows your website to always be among the best positioned on Google and other search portals.

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of methods that optimize your website, making it more readable for search engines.

This way they can fully understand what the content is there and check whether it is relevant or not.

With that, the positioning of your portal on the search pages is defined. Also, in addition to the issue of placement, knowing the subject of your site helps Google to target customers most interested in that content.

But the Google My Business is a free tool developed for companies and businesses can manage their online presence, including Google Maps and on search pages.

Its importance is such, since by checking and editing information about your company, it is possible to make life much easier for customers and allow them to find your portal more easily.

In addition, the tool allows you to interact with your customers, reading and responding to various comments left by them.

This way, you can even post photos showing what tasks are performed within your digital marketing agency.

You can also analyze various insights into how customers are looking for your business on the network and what region they are from.

You can even look at a ratings table, looking at the level of customer satisfaction and seeking to understand what needs to be changed in your agency.

2. Performance campaigns on Social Media

This strategy is becoming more and more popular, gaining a lot of space among digital marketing agencies that want to attract a larger number of clients.

This huge growth is also due to the strong revolution that has taken place in social networks in recent times, such as instagram and facebook.

In this context, performance media consists of a type of advertisement that is not paid with a predetermined amount, but variable, which depends on the performance of the advertisement.

This way, the price of an ad is defined based on the number of times it was clicked or generated leads, for example.

Thus, it is very important that performance marketing campaigns are extremely segmented.

In other words, it needs to be very well designed to precisely target the target audience of the digital marketing agency.


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3. Invest in inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is nothing less than a set of marketing strategies that are based on the idea of ​​creating and sharing content aimed at a specific target audience.

Thus, we can say that it has a close relationship with the item mentioned above, as both are designed to reach a certain group of people.

That’s because it’s much easier to communicate with a potential customer, creating a relationship that can be much longer lasting.

But remember, you shouldn’t be annoying to people, but try to attract them with benefits and quality of service,

In addition, to reach potential customers, it is possible to use email marketing strategies, that is, to forward advertising directly through emails.

4. Outbound marketing

In an extremely simplistic way, we can say that it is an active prospecting strategy and inbound is a passive prospecting strategy.

Did not understand? Well, let’s explain it more clearly. While inbound you focus on attracting potential customers, in outbound it is necessary to identify the profiles of these potential customers in order to approach them later.

For this, it is necessary to assess whether that person fits the ideal customer profile . This is defined from a set of parameters linked to the characteristics of the client that best fits the solution offered by your digital marketing agency.

Conquering Spears

A very well known strategy is the “ spears ”. These are contacts that need more effort. Most of the time, they can only be achieved with the team responsible for sales of the services, which is proactive and does not wait for the prospect to “allow” the contact to proceed.

It is here that the lists of prospects are formulated, as well as their qualification to establish the profile and contact of the lead, even if they have interacted with the agency or not.

In this case, to conquer spears you need a professional hunter. These are focused on preparing prospects, as well as qualification. He can make use of the social network LinkedIn to search for companies that can become customers.

After that, he will make the call to confirm the information obtained and to verify the receptive contact. The next phase consists of presenting the proposal, passing on the contact to a professional closer.

The closer will focus on closing deals, closing deals. Only qualified leads will reach your work. Therefore, they must be professionals with arguments.

5. Own a responsive website

This is a simple tip, but it can be extremely important to your business. After all, have you ever wondered if a customer wants to access your website from a mobile device and can’t?

It’s a big problem, isn’t it? So make sure your site is responsive, meaning it works both on desktops and on a variety of mobile devices.

It looks simple but has a high impact on customer acquisition as the use of mobile has gained much more weight in recent years.


There are several ways to get clients for your agency and it is essential that you make the most of them in your acquisition process.

Only then, your acquisition process will be well adaptable and will take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the strategies to attract customers.

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August 17, 2021