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Sales Force: What It Is And 5 Success Tips

The sales force is essential for the growth of any organization and there are the main practices to be implemented in sales to the final public, B2C and also to the B2B public.

Let’s talk about each of these practices.

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  1. What is a sales force?
  2. The characteristics of the sales force
  3. 5 Tips for a Successful SalesForce
  4. Conclusion

What is a sales force?

SalesForce is a term that characterizes a group of professionals who are prepared to assist and develop all of their clients’ needs.

The direction of SalesForce is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and ensuring new customers for the company, differentiating itself from the actions that a sales team performs.

Encompassing marketing, sales, and customer success professionals, the sales force has a structure to understand customer desires and solve them. Relating teamwork, solving situations, overcoming that team and goals.

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The characteristics of the sales force

Salesforce teams are closely associated with sales and commercial teams, but they stand out for the effort generated, aiming to add value to their customers with their solution/product.

The more the sales force team is aligned with marketing, the better for the company, so they can have more understanding of the products and the audience at the same time.

This alignment allows the sharing of information on both sides that can further benefit the customer.

The union with the customer success team helps to understand deeply at which points to approach first with the customer to understand their pain and seek the best solution for them.

Not just hitting goals, or reaching new goals, a sales force team also aims to balance goals between the company and the customer.

With a sales force, it’s easier to give the customer a proper posture, confidence and show that above all you trust what you’re selling and that you have a lot of responsibility behind that business.

It is also necessary that the sales force team, in addition to being highly qualified, always seeks to learn and improve all the techniques that can help ensure good results.

5 Tips for a Successful SalesForce

1# Sales force team management

In order to be successful with the sales force team, it is necessary to monitor activities, daily follow up on what happens within the process performed.

Once the goals are established, it is necessary to monitor them to ensure that the correct techniques will be applied to achieve them.

It is extremely important to have a controlled and organized management behind the sales force team, to review the entire process, to maintain a line of responsibility towards the team.

Through feedbacks, conversations, 1:1, the team is monitored more closely, the metrics, to assist in the event of a problem, being able to seek the best solution for it in a short time.

2# Understand your solution

A salesforce team, in addition to qualified professionals, needs to be on top of everything that happens in the company and with the solution/product that is being sold.

It is necessary to have full knowledge of what is being passed on to the customer, and how this solution will help him, to optimize deliveries, convey confidence and security.

This team needs a full understanding of what it does, as it is taken as a reference in qualification within the company, as one that is a total specialist in the solution for the customer.

The fact of understanding well what is being sold makes those professionals and that company become more and more experienced in the subject, thus improving the customer’s shopping experience.

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3# Sales force training

To gather a sales force team it is necessary to select the best professionals in each area, so that it is a qualified team, but even with good experience, training is never too much.

After selecting these professionals, you need to train them to maintain quality, make sure they fit in with your company and your solution, and that they are confident in making all the effort.

Thus, it is possible to assess the level of technical knowledge of each one to know from where it is necessary to focus more during the training.

Always invest in specializations for the sales force team, understand that it is a team that needs to be highly qualified to deal with the market and attract as many new customers to your company.

Professionals who are able to understand the pain and needs of customers will be the ones who will ensure the best results for the company.

4# Set the correct goals 

Every team, in any area, works best if it has clear and well-defined goals and objectives before starting any process.

It’s no different with a sales force, the more clearly defined the process the team will execute, the better, so it’s possible to understand how far the team goes, the limits, how they work, how the team’s performance is.

It’s also possible to have more predictability of the results to be achieved, of how your team will make its way to them.

From the well-explained goals established, it is easier to understand how the team adapts to the process, to the customers, how their knowledge of the solution and the tasks to be performed is.

Creating goals is a duty of managers ahead of the team, and they need to be created according to the potential of each professional who is there.

That is why it is extremely important that the manager has a good knowledge of each person who makes up the sales force team.

5# Use of technologies and tools

In order to monitor, better monitor and let the sales force team process more organized with its tasks, bet on technology, in a good digital tool.

In this way, it is possible to closely monitor, measure each action, update more quickly, and understand how your client and team’s trajectory is going at the same time.

With a tool automating the organization process, it is possible to ensure that all records of all the steps that the team and the client took are saved, and there is a history for monitoring and checking at some point.

And in addition to all this, a tool automating the process, allows the professional to have their time better distributed and used, being able to focus on what really matters: offering the best experience and solution for the customer.


The sales force is an essential part of a corporation, involving several professionals from different areas with the same purpose, delivering the best solution for its customers.

Use a sales force team with great professionals to leverage your results and obtain new customers!