The 6 Best Lead Generation Techniques

Content Marketing serves a series of interests: generating authority, brand awareness, attracting attention to a specific product, among others.

The main one, however, is still generating demand for products and services for a company, bringing business opportunities through engaging and useful content. For this, it is essential that organizations focus on converting visitors into leads.

Calm! We will not make our readers wear ultrasonic brainwashing helmets! The lead generation is a process that involves the work of many professionals , a lot of content strategy and patience.

A qualified customer, after all, is not conquered overnight! To help you better understand the lead generation process , we’ve brought you some of the best and most creative strategies for winning potential customers.

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Do you know what a lead is?

A lead is a person who demonstrates some type of interest in a product or service of your organization. And it’s far better to approach interested potential customers than to confront them with intrusive calls, isn’t it?

The proposal of leads is interesting because it deals with the approach with the customer based on solving a problem he has , establishing a more open communication between the potential buyer and the seller.

And why should you care about lead generation?

Take a brief look at the news portal you follow. The page is full of ads, right? Think of the competition that advertisers responsible for these ads have, since a simple blocker can free the user to enjoy only the site’s content.

Traditional media, such as TV and radio, have also started to suffer from this logic, as a few clicks allow us to change channels or abandon programming for something more dynamic on the internet. With so much information at hand, consumers have greater power to search, decide on their own, and ignore what they don’t want to hear.

Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to establish lasting relationships with customers. With the strategic production of relevant content on websites and blogs , companies deliver to their potential consumers what they really need, arousing interest.

1. Hold creative contests!

Promoting a contest can be extremely beneficial to your company: in addition to involving people in competitions and challenges, this opportunity can teach a lot about your audience, as it induces greater interactions with your audience.

Plus, contests increase your reach on social media, improve your website traffic and generate leads!

Contests can be held on any social media. All you need is a good challenge and an award that motivates audience participation . It’s worth asking questions about your product or service, it’s worth asking friends for recommendations, cultural contest with photographs or essays… unleash your imagination!

2. Teach!

Teaching is one of the best ways to generate leads. In addition to gaining the sympathy of the audience, you reach the status of authority in the market in which you operate, get in touch with the public’s doubts and qualify your leads.

Start with simple templates. You can create a series of photo tutorials and, with greater confidence, move on to a series of short videos about your product or service. As this type of content demands knowledge of video recording and editing, you can hire a professional team.

The work will only be done once, and the lead generation will be lasting: for this, just offer rich material, which can be consulted in the future as a reference!

3. Offer your product demonstrations

“Maybe it’s live”, isn’t it?

A demo is one of the best ways to show your potential customers that your product or service works. In addition, people who previously would be intimidated by the need for a commitment may feel more encouraged to get to know the brand and its solutions.

As the customer will have already gone through an experience with your company, this alternative also offers the advantage of bringing qualified leads to your business!

A great example of the effectiveness of demo programs is software. Have you ever purchased a program for your computer without first trying it out?

In the anti-virus market, for example, high competition makes the decision for an option to be taken by small details. Hence the importance of the demo period.

4. E-books

The e-books have great popularity in lead generation strategies. But do you know why?

We explain: in addition to providing valuable content to the user, making the company an authority on the subject, they educate their potential customers and even gain contact information, if they allow it.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your material offers useful content for your visitors. Check for spelling errors, if the file has attractive layout and if the text makes for “appetizing” reading!

As we said, e-books offer the possibility for the lead to provide information for you to contact in the future. Don’t put an overly complicated form between your e-book and the customer: after all, we’re still in the dynamics of the internet!

Name, surname, company, interest in the material and email are enough to form a base of contacts. Be clear when asking the customer about the possibility of contact in the future: receiving unsolicited emails can work like a spell against the sorcerer!

5. Offer free consultations

Content Marketing has the power to turn us into little teachers. Another learning opportunity that offers the possibility of generating leads is free consulting.

This is a relatively advanced offer in the sales funnel , allowing your potential customer to understand how your company can help them solve problems.

6. Podcasts!

Podcasts are a fun alternative to videos and relatively simple to produce. Take care in capturing audio, in an acoustically insulated environment and invite qualified professionals to comment on a subject in an objective and humorous way.

These contents can be reproduced during the listeners’ journey, at work and in the most diverse environments, and that is why it is important that they be captivating.

You can’t be too careful with intonation!

See how lead generation involves a number of different professionals and strategies? Investing in tactics to attract potential customers can be a differentiator in the midst of an unstable economic scenario and full of opportunities.

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